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Generating / Creating the AVR HEX File in AVR Studio 5

The AVR Hex File

This AVR tutorial discuss how to generate or create an hex file in AVR Studio 5. We will be generating/creating the hex file for the AVR C code shown in the AVR Studio 5 editor below.

AVR Studio 5 Editor

After typing your AVR program may it be C or assembly to generate the hex file go to Build menu and click Build Solution. See the figure below.

AVR Studio 5 Build

If the AVR C or Assembly program was build successfully a message will display at the bottom of the AVR Studio 5 Editor indicating that Build succeeded. See the bottom of the figure below.

AVR Studio 5 Build

You can view the content of the generated hex file by double clicking on the file with the .hex extension in the Solution Explore to the left of the AVR Studio 5 editor. The hex file that we just generated is displayed in the AVR Studio 5 Editor shown in the figure below.

AVR Hex file

AVR Tutorials hope this AVR Studio 5 tutorial on generating / creating the AVR HEX file was benificial to you and looks forward to your continued visit for all your microcontroller tutorial needs.