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Creating a new AVR ASM Project in AVR Studio 6

Creating a new AVR Assembly Project

This AVR tutorial will go through the steps to create a AVR Assembly (ASM) project in AVR Studio 6. This tutorial assume that you have already install AVR Studio 6 on you computer

Step 1: To create a assembly project first start AVR Studio 6 by going to the start menu on your PC select Atmel AVR Tools then AVR Studio 6. See the splash screen for AVR Studio 6, as shown figure below, this indicates that AVR Studio 6 is starting up. Just wait for a moment.

Starting AVR Studio 6

After AVR Studio 6 starts the AVR Studio 6 Start Page will appear as shown in the figure below.

Create new AVR Studio 6 project

Step 2: Click on New Project pointed to by the green arrow in the diagram above to start a new project. The following window will appear.

Create new AVR Studio 6 Assembly project

Step 3: To create a new assembly project select C from the panel to the left pointed to by the green arrow. Also type the file Name and Location pointed to by the green arrows at the bottom of the window. The following window will then appear.

Device Selection AVR Studio 6

Step 4: The window above is the device selection screen for AVR Studio 6. Scroll down and select the microcontroller you will be using. The following window will then appear.

AVR Studio 6 Editor

This is the AVR studio 6 editor where you type your assembly program. The editor starts your assembly program for you by providing you with the structure shown in the editor of the figure above.

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